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Long-winged Conehead (Conocephalus discolor) Bush Cricket

Long-winged Conehead (Conocephalus discolor) Bush Cricket

Small Bush-cricket, named for the angled shape of its head. The adult has brown wings which extend beyond the tip of the abdomen and brown stripe along the back. The nymphs have short wings and the stripe along the back is black.
Found in coarse vegetation and rough grassland, urban wasteland, marshes, coastal reedbeds, dry heaths and bogs.
Nymphs emerge in late May and June. Adults present from August until early winter. Omnivorous, feeding on grasses as well as small insects. Females bite a hole in hollow stems of grass, reed or rush, and then insert an egg with their ovipositor.

Order: Orthoptera
Family: Tettigoniidae
Genus: Conocephalus
Species: C. discolor


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