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Field Grasshopper (Chorthippus brunneus)

Chorthippus brunneus (Field Grasshopper) - Family: Acrididae Chorthippus brunneus, the common field grasshopper.

Body length; males 15 - 20mm, females 20 - 25mm.

Colour and patterning in the field grasshopper is very variable, commonly some shade of grey or brown. The sides of the abdomen have alternating pale and dark bands. There is often a paler stripe running down the back of the head and the thorax. Typically there are darker bars across the hind femur (upper leg) which has a pale herringbone pattern down its middle. At maturity the tip of the male abdomen becomes orange-red whilst that of the female becomes a more subdued yellow or orange. Specimens that are almost entirely white, orange, yellow, purple and green do occur from time to time. At maturity, the wings extend to the tip of the abdomen in males and exceed the tip of the abdomen in females.

It is very common and most often seen grasshopper, favouring sunny areas of short vegetation.

Adults are around from June until late autumn. Eggs are laid in the soil in late summer, hatching in the spring to produce miniature, wingless grasshoppers. The song is a brief single chirp, repeated at short intervals.

Order: Orthoptera
Family: Acrididae
Genus: Chorthippus
Species: C. brunneus


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