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Meadow Grasshopper (chorthippus parallelus)

Meadow Grasshopper (chorthippus parallelus) Family: Acrididae Meadow Grasshopper (chorthippus parallelus)

Females grow to approximately 2cm and are larger and less active than males that grow to approximately 1.5cm. Both sexes are flightless, although in good years, populations may build up dramatically and winged forms may develop which then leave to exploit new sites. In females the wing cases extend only a short way down the abdomen while males have longer wing cases extending to almost the tip of the abdomen. They can be variable in colour with green, brownish, purple-red and pink forms recorded, although green forms are most common.

Order: Orthoptera
Family: Acrididae
Subfamily: Gomphocerinae
Genus: Chorthippus
Species: C. parallelus


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