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Dock Leaf Bug on my Hat - 50-40d-08658

50% crop from 40d-08658 - Dock Leaf Bug (Coreus marginatus) on my hat

Dock Leaf Bug (Coreus marginatus) on resting on my hat.

Location: Farnham Park, Surrey, UK.

50% crop from original image.

Camera: Canon EOS 40D DSLR.

Lens: Leica - Leitz Wetzlar Macro-Elmarit-R 1:2.8/60

Settings: F/11, 1/260s, ISO 200, camera flash with home-made extender/diffuser.


  • Gallery Administrator on 2010-Aug-11 20:20:30 Gallery Administrator said

    Dock Leaf Bug (Coreus marginatus)
    Not easy photographing this bug as it seemed camera shy (I can't blame it) and continually moved about in amongst a ragwort plant where line of sight was hard to get and making it very difficult to get a decent shot. It then flew away only to land on my hat and stay there just long enough for one shot.

    I later learnt that the Dock Leaf Bug is meant to be very common in the south of England. This is the first time I have been aware of seeing or photographing one!

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