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Voigtländer Color-Skopar X 1:2.8/50 Lens

Voigtländer Color-Skopar X 1:2.8/50 Lens on temporary mount adapter.

PK > EOS mount adapter + EOS extension ring. Lens fits into PK mount snugly and when turned adjusts lens aperture. Good enough for quick try out on Canon 400D DSLR, though lens needs to held in place.


  • Romain on 2011-Jan-04 09:49:00 Romain said

    Voihtlander color skopar / Canon eso 400d
    This set up si good ! But I have one question. I have a canon 450d and a voightlander bessamatic deluxe and his 3 objecifs, but I don't understand how did you do that. I'm french and I don't speak english very good. Where can I buy the adaptateur. Thanks to answer me.
    My email if you want :
  • Gallery Administrator on 2011-Jan-06 11:50:06 Gallery Administrator said

    DKL>EOS mount adapter

    The mount adapter in this photo was just a quick attempt to try out the lens. It comprised of a PK>EOS adapter which when fitted in a certain position will operate the aperture mechanism when the lens is turned in the mount. Unfortunately, it does not retain the lens well and needs to be held in position. I've used some EOS extension rings to adjust register distance.

    The best option would be to get a proper DKL (Deckel) > EOS EF lens mount adapter. When I first tried out my DKL mount lenses, these adapters were extremely expensive (~ £100 each), but I recently got one on Ebay from China for about £30. It works well, apart from being a little tight fitting. See the new photos

    Try looking for "DKL EOS adapter" in Ebay.

    Good luck

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