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Olympus - Zuiko lenses for FTL SLR

Japanese Olympus - M42 Zuiko lenses for FTL SLR

Japanese Olympus - Zuiko lenses for FTL SLR Camera (M42).

These lenses were intended for the Olympus FTL SLR. It had a very short production run of 7 months, introduced in July 1971, the FTL was stopped in January 1972. This was a stop gap for a delayed introduction of the M1 (OM1) SLR camera systems.

These lenses had a M42 screw thread mount system, distinctly different from the later bayonet mounted OM lenses. Seems there were about 41000 of these lenses made, apparently by Olympus, but with bought in design. A modest selection of six lenses. LENSES: G Zuiko 28mm x 3.5 Auto W; G Zuiko 35mm x 2.8 Auto W; F Zuiko 50mm x 1.8 Auto S; G Zuiko 50mm x 1.4 Auto S; E Zuiko 135mm x 3.5 Auto T; E Zuiko 200mm x 4.0 Auto T.

Included in gallery are:
Olympus - G.Zuiko Auto-W 1:35 f=28mm 103019
Olympus - F.Zuiko Auto-S 1:1.8 f=50mm 115524


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