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Panagor Auto Macro Converter (1:1-1:10 with 50mm)

Panagor auto macro converter (1:1-1:10 with 50mm) Panagor auto macro converter.

This copy is for M42 thread mount. I believe it also available in most other camera lens mounts.

With a standard 50mm lens set at infinity focus the converter has continuously variable focus from 1:10 to 1:1 within a single turn.

4 elements in 4 groups.
length: 53mm
weight: ~ 250g
magnification range (50mm lens @ infinity): 1:10 - 1:1.

Larger than life size possible if 50mm lens is focussed closer or if shorter focal length lenses are used. Lenses with longer focal length can be used, but at lower than 1:1 magnification (when set at infinity focus). Addition of extension tubes could also be used to increase magnification further.

Light loss: 2.5 f/stops at 1:10 to 2.75 f/stops at 1:1

Surprisingly and unlike many comments I've heard and read, this converter gives reasonable if not good results, particularly if lens is stopped down.

More convenient in use than fixed extension tubes and also gives a more comfortable working distance between lens and subject.

Best of all, very cheap compared to dedicated close focus and macro lenses. There are times when I find it hard to see any practical differences in image quality when lenses are well stopped down. In most cases stopping down beyond F/8 is necessary to extend that very limited depth of field anyway. I will certainly be keeping and using this little gem, along with my extension tubes, bellows and lens reversing rings even though I have a few dedicated macro lenses.

The biggest is loss of light as with extension tubes/bellows and other between lens converters. This can make focusing more difficult and requires longer exposure times.

This is intended as a close focus/macro converter and is not capable of infinity focus.

Some degree of image quality deterioration is probably inevitable compared to glassless extension tubes/bellows or dedicated macro lenses. This will in practice only really show itself when using wider apertures or where flat field and low distortion is critical.


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