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Pentax and Takumar Lenses

Pentax and Takumar Lenses

Asahi Pentax and Takumar

Takumar is the name that Asahi Optical gave to its lenses. Named after the Japanese craftsman Takuma Kajiwara the name was used for the lenses until 1975, when Asahi switched from the M42 screw mount to the bayonet K-mount. K-mount lenses were simply named "SMC Pentax".

Asahi Optical Company (later "Pentax") introduced the Pentax in 1957, a 35 mm Single-lens reflex camera (SLR) camera which influenced the design of 35 mm SLRs worldwide for years to come. Asahi Optical Company developed into a photographic multinational company, eventually leading the company to rename itself "Pentax"


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